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Check Policy

PayPal can process e-check payments too and has been a very reliable method for us that we don't even have to visit a bank for.  Please consider the extra time and energy it takes to process a check, before sending checks in the mail.  For those who still decide they only feel comfortable sending checks in the mail, please consider following.

Since we are willing to be flexible in our style of accepting payments from our customers, we are asking our customers to follow some simple rules.

We have a very good reputation for being flexible and helping people.  Yet, there are some things we can not afford to be flexible on, because they can end up costing us more time (which is more important than money itself) as well as money.

If you still want to send us payments in the mail using checks, and are willing to abide by some simple rules, we can both enjoy this whole process together, because it will remain a mutually beneficial relationship.

Post date the checks a month apart and place them all in the same envelope.

Why the post dated checks?  This really helps reduce the cost of time and energy in book keeping costs on our end, especially when we don't have to keep track of so many different peoples checks coming in the mail every month.  Plus, it reduces the costs of time and energy worries on your end as well.

We promise you that although we will recieve the checks up front, we will only cash the checks as they are dated.  You can trust us since we've been doing this for decades and have a great reputation for being honest.  We also expect you to be honest with us.  If EVER there is a time when the money just is NOT in your accout that you felt would be, it's okay, things happen, but you must notify us through phone or email PRIOR to the date of the post dated check(s).  We will hold off on cashing the check until you let us know the funds are there.  Fair enough?

Cashing checks without the money being there would cause damage for both of us in both time and money, which are neither agreed or necessary.  Success is our only option.

If you feel comfortable with this, then we are all good.  Otherwise you may want to consider where the heavy feelings are coming from on a personal level.  If it's a matter of trust, it takes trust to send us money.  We are all responsible for the agreements we enter into.  DO NOT knowingly agree to send monthly payments in an amount you know you are NOT capable of to begin with, because the extra costs of time and money which are NOT agreed can make some relationships go south.

So again, post date your checks a month apart from eachother and place all the checks in the same envelope.  We promise to cash them as they are dated, unless you inform us that the money is not ready to clear your account.  In such a case, we ask you do so prior to the date on the check and we will hold your check(s) until you give us the green light that the funds are ready on your end.

Remember, no one is turned away!  We just ask that you please be honest and do your best to stay on top things on your end.  There should NEVER be any bounced checks with this program!  If there is ever ANY question or if you FEEL that the your funds are too tight in ANY month, pick up the phone or send us an email (do both if it's an emergency and close to the date of another payment), and we would rather give you a Partial or Full Private Grant, than cause either of us problems relating to money.  Trust us yet?  The answer is YES!  Of course!

Further details may be given through email after you fill out the Loan / Grant Application.

This is a unique charitable program.  Your contribution through any means is welcome and appreciated.  Often, it's the amount we put in to something that determines the amount we get out of it.  So if you can do more, please be honest with yourself and do so.  The founders of this program have demonstrated compassionate service to humantity worth recognition.  Their mission is for universal integration of intelligence, healing, and empowerment for the planet.

There have been so many miracles that have made this program possible.

We know the education recieved in this program is absolutely priceless and that no amount of money in the world can pay for it!!!

Thank you and may God bless you!!!

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