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Introductory Lymphology Books & Materials! 

For those who need a smaller committment than the complete Applied Lymphology course, here are some options which will also help you develop a strong foundation of the lymph system before you choose the larger investment and empowerment.

Introduction To The Science Of Lymphology 
And The Art Of Lymphasizing

Who told you about us?

Contribute $19.95 to order the password for the Introduction to the Science of Lymphology and the Art of Lymphasizing. - We guarantee that it will quickly teach you the cause of every degenerative disease at the cell level, documented medically and in simplicity.  This is a quick yet powerful education which you won't find taught in medical school or anywhere else!

Although this file is password protected, you may download it right now — it may take a minute.  Then after your contribution, you will be directed to the password immediately.



Who told you about us?

Contribute $24.95 to order the password for The Golden Seven Plus Two. 
The NEW second generation version of The Golden Seven Plus One 

Although this file is password protected, you may download it right now — it may take a minute.
After contributing, you will be directed immediately to the password.

Guaranteed to teach you the cause of all degenerative diseases at the cell level, in detail, yet in simplicity.


Order NOW and we will also give you the password for the "Introduction To The Science Of Lymphology" above for FREE!

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Basic Lymphology Course 
This course includes five amazing audio’s, all three e-books, and several must read articles.  The first part leads you through the scientific foundation of all the healing arts and personal development.  You will begin learning simple, yet powerful healing methods through the final two audios – Discover The Electrical Power Plants In Your Body & How To Purify & Heal Your Body.  Even in their most basic form, these techniques utilize powerful healing technology – all of which is supplemented with medical and scientific documentation.

*Also Included: The Golden Seven Plus One and The Golden Seven Plus Two.

Discover Your Power Plants - The Series 

Powerful healing technology just got better!  Access the most wonderful pharmacy in the world – YOU!  Get ready to discover what a great healer you really are.  These audios are divinely inspired and will empower you to access the healing potential of your endocrine glands.  You will learn how to personalize this technology many different ways, in order to best satisfy your health plans.  We have personalized this Power Plants series for Immunity, which guides you in producing white blood cells and lymphocytes, taking care of harmful substances in the body.  Then Power Stem Cell™ teaches you how to produce and transports adult stem cells wherever you need to update the cells genetic data back to your own personal divine blueprint.  Prenatal Empowerment™ (aka Power Plants for Babies™), is for infants in the womb – providing you with information to build that perfect Power Plant Baby.  Other uses include mind and memory, metabolism & weight loss, muscle size & strength, and so much more.  All of this is laced with beautiful affirmations, synchronized with perpetual programming commands which continue to run even while you sleep!  Put healing back into your own hands by putting these audios in your home.

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Blessing of the Creation Sequence 

NEW Special Release! 
This audio is only designed for those who qualify and are ready to have unconditional love for everyone and everything in the universe.
If thinking about the gift and power of charity penetrating every aspect of your life doesn't make you feel stronger, you do not qualify to listen to this audio and we recommend to study the light until you can feel the difference.

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Applied Lymphology Course - (ALC) 

#1 best biohacking technology - best do it yourself regeneration methods! Fast and easy self-help life extension! Immortality? Instant healing! Health & Wealth!
Pictures, audios and videos to help you learn the #1 best biohacking techniques - safe and effective! Stop cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease with Power Heal™!

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